Beat the bloat & constipation

Our goal at LexStart Nutrition is to help you get well and find relief with from whatever is holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest!

Beat the Bloat & Constipation Bootcamp

Stop missing out on life because you feel bloated all the time.


A program designed for you

So what is Beat the Bloat
& Constipation Bootcamp?

6-week group program specifically designed to walk you through how to uncover your root
cause(s) contributing to bloating, constipation, or both. I will teach you how to understand
what is going on in your gut to finally feel your best!

What is included?

6 Week online group program

Live group education every week

Each lesson is 20-30 minutes long

Replays will be available if you cannot make it live

Extras: handouts, protocol guides, meal plan templates, interactive worksheets, tracking log, accountability, & recipes!

Discounts: additional discounts on professional grade supplements

PLUS you will automatically receive our Gut Friendly Grocery Guide as an added BONUS!

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