Hello Friends,

Welcome to the beginning of my new adventure as a business owner and blogger!

Over the past few months you may have been following me along as my dream, LexStart Nutrition, LLC, has come alive. Now I am venturing out into the blogging world in hopes that I can continue to share my HUGE passion for health through food and nutrition to you!

First, I wanted to give y’all (Yes, we say “y’all” Kentucky) a better glimpse into my life and how my passion came about. So let’s start at the beginning, where I grew up working out nearly 20+ hours a week as a competitive gymnast. Gymnastics was my life, and I was pretty good at it, but looking back I know for a fact that I did not fuel by body in the way that it needed as a competitive athlete. I have always loved food no matter what it is (really, I am just not a picky person!) So whether it was “junk food,” vegetables, fast food, home cooked food, you name it, I ate it! It’s not that I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and I would burn it all off, but really I was just unaware that how we choose to fuel our body really can affect us!

Well, fast forward until my freshman year of college when I took my first nutrition class. I was pretty much hooked from the beginning, as I became fascinated with the human body, learning how delicate and intertwined everything is! Learning about how our body needs all of our macro- and micronutrients and how these play into our health is truly a piece of art. I fell in love with learning about different disease states and how I could help someone, simply with working with them on their nutrition. Yeah, you can ask any of my college friends and they would tell you I was pretty passionate.

So what comes next? Well, I worked hard and fulfilled my dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian. I completed my undergraduate in Dietetics and finished 1200+ hours of supervised practice internship hours, passed my dietetic registration exam and gained licensure in Kentucky, and then went on to obtain my Masters in Nutrition in Food Systems and become a Certified LEAP therapist (okay, I am done boring you with the gritty details). Yes, I had worked hard to get those nice little letters after my name- MS, RD, LD, CLT, but I also learned two things: NUTRITION is my passion & I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn about the truth when it comes to “dieting” and “super foods.”

Not only do I want to educate and help my clients, but also I am a relationship gal. I want to build relationships with my clients, long lasting relationships! I want to provide accountability, support, and education that bring them value! Why? Because I believe that you are valuable, you are unique, and that is BEAUTIFUL.

Okay, so now that we know 1) I love nutrition and 2) I love working with my clients to guide, support, and educate them. Let’s talk about how 3) I believe in food, real food! I believe that functional nutrition plays a huge role in our lives. We have one body, why not treat it right and give ourselves the best we can! Whether this comes from learning how to eat real food for weight loss or weight management or learning how to eliminate your symptoms by healing your gut, nutrition is key!

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