MTR Leap

Are you tired of wasting money and time on testing, diets, and eliminations to cover up your symptoms & ready to find out the root cause of your symptoms?

About The Test


MRT is the only sensitivity blood test in the entire world that quantifies the degree of the inflammatory response in sensitivity pathway.

Measures samples of your blood to 170 different food and chemical antigens to determine which ones are causing the negative effects you suffer from and quantifies the response.

Along with giving insight into inflammation provoking foods and chemicals, the MRTIII® identifies the BEST foods for you.

This test is accompanied with the LEAP eating plan.

Your Customized Eating Plan


A custom elimination diet designed by a Registered Dietitain Nutritionist that takes you through 3 phases to build up your diet through a systematic and controlled way to start healing your gut.

Eliminates the guesswork & is tailored exactly to your specific results.

Gives you the freedom feel better through real food!

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